2 May 2014


Let’s make a long story short. The simple history of music follows as such: phonograph, vinyl, tape, cd, mp3, vinyl!


Despite technological advances, vinyl remains an inescapable music necessity. During its peak in the 1960’s and the 1970’s, vinyl has made its come back in the music industry, which has delighted many audiophiles. At the Marché de la Mode Vintage, many can satisfy their love for music thanks to the many different record owners and their variety of rare vinyl.


It is not to late to start a vinyl collection, and listen to the 1960’s hits or even just enjoy the record itself. The visual aesthetic is unique and each sleeve will take you back to a distant past. This musical disc is an experience involving many different senses: hearing, sight and touch. This is an opportunity to create and recreate an emotional attachment to music.


Combined with contemporary objects, vinyl is widely used as an inspiration for decoration, which proves that it has more then one trick up its sleeve.


Pour visiter le salon du Marché de la Mode Vintage DIJON, réservez votre billet prévente avant le vendredi 27 septembre minuit au tarif de 4€ au lieu de 5€