Vintage fashion, Beautiful Styles from the Biggest Designers

14 Feb 2014



A book with 224 pages, released in November 2009, published by LODI, written by Zandra Rhodes, and priced at 35€.

Zandra Rhodes, born in the 1940s, is a symbolic figure in British fashion since her contribution to the emergence of London, the first outline of the fashion world. She dedicates most of her time to the promotion of the work of stylists and fashion designers. She founded the Fashion and Textile Museum, which opened in 2003 at Bermondsey in London.


This book provides for everyone, a discovery on each page and fashionable styles of the 19th century in chronological order from the 1900s until 1980; years which have largely contributed to the evolution of fashion.

You will particularly appreciate, the detail and care brought to the different analyses of the eras, which are clear, thanks to a number of illustrations and old photos. In this book, you have the pleasure in discovering at the end of each decade, a visual mood board with a number of colors, shapes and subjects, which give the allusion, of being dived into the style of the period studied. And for the passionate or amateurs of vintage, a shopping guide at the end of the book has everyone benefiting from the invaluable advice, the interviews, the purchase of a product from these eras, and simply knowing how to identify a vintage piece.

This book brings a detailed vision of 9 decades with a number of archived files and photographs which represent the work of Zandra Rhodes. An insightful book, it describes passionately the ways of fashion and the eras that have strongly advised us.


Laurent Galopier for the Marché de la mode vintage MMV 2013


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