Trésors du vintage : the most beautiful pieces of vintage fashion

4 Apr 2014


Vintage (borrowed from oenology, meaning a high quality wine) has been used since the 1990’s to describe fashion. It was first used to describe older, more prestigious clothing designers (Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Hermes); however, the term has been extended to mean all secondhand pieces, dating at the latest, from the years 1980/90 and reflects particular moments in fashion history of the 20th century.

 The book “Trésors du Vintage” is a piece written by experts in vintage: Pénélope Blanckaert, an expert in vintage and contemporary fashion who received her diploma from IFM, and Angèle Hernu, who is a graduate of both political science (IEP Lille) and Fashion Management (IFM). It is presented as a encyclopedic catalogue of women’s fashion. More than 1,000 presented visual references on the most beautiful talked about pieces on the market these past years. They are accompanied by specific commentaries on the history of clothes, their brand names and the signs of their authenticity (brands, disciplines, finishes, condition, worth). It is aimed towards the general public, collectors, the passionate of fashion history, auction professionals, and specialized shops (boutiques, secondhand stores, internet websites, exhibitions).

 Organized by decade in which they bring together the beautifully sold pieces, it gives a complete panorama of the evolution of the styles and trends of each period.

The double pages “zoom”, are nicely illustrated and distributed throughout the book. This results in a complete panorama documented by subject: exceptional sales, retrospective designers, a recent acquisition of a museum or a house of couture, restoration work, a collector’s portrait or an interview with an expert (a double page focused on the Marché de la Mode Vintage in Lyon).

There is rubric that address and advises by providing all the readings and useful indications in order to bargain-hunt, take advantage of sales, and become an expert in vintage


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