The Tam – Tam Stool

2 May 2014



Curved, bright, and practical, the Tam-Tam stool is a timeless decorative object.


It was designed by Henry Massonet in 1968, when plastic allowed the design world to overcome technical limitation. The stool was met with a great success in the 1970’s thanks to Brigitte Bardot.


Ideal for both indoor and outdoor, the Tam-Tam stool is still dazzling in its timeless shape. We will never get bored of the Tam-Tam design as it adds a nice touch to our decor.


At the Marché de la Mode Vintage, there are plenty of suppliers who sell the Tam-Tam stool in its original color, to the great delight of nostalgics and all those who want to sit down.


Sales price: 20€



Pour visiter le salon du Marché de la Mode Vintage DIJON, réservez votre billet prévente avant le vendredi 27 septembre minuit au tarif de 4€ au lieu de 5€