The little white dress by André Courrèges (1964)

14 Feb 2014



“Clarity, simplicity, harshness. No need for acronyms, tattoos, or reputation: at first glance, we know it’s Courreges” says Erick Orsenna in Courreges, for the edition by Xavier Barral in July 2008.


 The minimalist pieces with certitude by the creator, from around the 1960’s to the 1980’s, are flagship products of the Marché de la Mode and are typically snatched up without any pretext. Several signature pieces changed hands during our last exhibition at the Halle Tony Garnier last April, with a price between 60-300€  


 Beyond these important models, the history of the brand and his creations are at this point illustrative of our vintage years where all the products signal “ac” (clothing pieces, of course, but equally, publications, points of sale, and bottles of perfume, etc.). These pieces always delight the amateur and passionate fashionistas of vintage. Whether they’re skirts, dresses or pants; plain or with patterns; pastels or colored; in fabric or waxed; go and get Courreges – charge, charge,  charge!! 


 “There is some Faust in Courreges. A fight, head to head with time. Maybe even a secret pact with the devil’s crook who shortly presents himself as having the time and soon the guarantee of the eternal return”  aforementioned by E.O.


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