The Rotary Dial Phone

2 May 2014


Call like it was yesterday with the rotary dial phone!


The rotary dial phone has no need to envy the digital phones of today. The rotary dial phone has everything: a retro and chic look, a spiral wire, bright colors and an unique clicking. As a bonus, the designer is one of the most famous American designers of the 1930’s: Henry Dreyfuss.


These phones designed by Henry Dreyfuss became famous in the 1950’s for their longevity and their ergonomics – an investment which was placed in homes worldwide. Find the rotary dial phone and enjoy its simplicity at the next Marché de la Mode Vintage, one whose main function is to call.

 Estimated price: 40€


Pour visiter le salon du Marché de la Mode Vintage DIJON, réservez votre billet prévente avant le vendredi 27 septembre minuit au tarif de 4€ au lieu de 5€