Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses

2 May 2014


During the 1980’s, the must-have accessory was worn on the bridge of the nose, either near the eyes or on the tip; this of course is the ray-ban aviator! Michael Jackson moonwalked with them in his music video, and Tom Cruise never let them out of his sight in the movie Top Gun. It’s time we have them!


There is no need to choose between aesthetics and sunscreen, the aviators provide both. This classic became the rage thanks to the US air force, who asked for glasses that would permit them to cover the important fields of vision for their pilots. In 1937, the Ray-Ban aviators were launched and these models were worn by the American soldiers. 


Commercialized 30 years after its creation, the Aviator model embodies the myth of the hollywood star and was met with a worldwide success.


Full of history, aviator sunglasses achieve the unity of the whole world. They pass through the times and emerge as legendary models. Dress up your nose with a pair of Ray-Ban aviators at the Marché de la Mode Vintage.


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