The Rattan Chair

2 May 2014


No need to travel for kilometers in order to escape, you just have to own a Rattan Chair!


Rattan, comes from the word rotan, which is a fiber that stems from various species of palms found in humid and hot countries, such as the south of Asia. It’s an exotic touch that will warm our contemporaries homes.


Popular during the 1950’s, the real Rattan Chair was created by Drucker, who represents the company of the same name. The braided aspect makes it a chair full of character and seduction. It works well in rooms, halls, and terraces with its simple, but hard-worked appearance and brings a casual style to our homes.


Available in several shapes, you will have no difficulty in finding the perfect Rattan Chair at the next Marché de la Mode Vintage.  A treasure available for 40€.


Pour visiter le salon du Marché de la Mode Vintage LYON, réservez votre billet prévente avant le vendredi 15 mars minuit au tarif de 5€ au lieu de 7€ (et au tarif de 4€ pour les 12-25 ans au lieu de 6€) !