The Polaroid

14 Feb 2014


Good news for the nostalgics of photographs and the neo-artists of the instant photo. At last, the former employees of the Polaroid company have in 2010 taken a small production of film-packs and updated the mythical cameras of the 1970s…Visitors better behave themselves!

 The Marché de la Mode Vintage in Lyon doesn’t make any exceptions, with its attractive providers (Les Ateliers de Marinette – 46 Rue Saint Georges in Lyon, 69005) and its experts on nostalgia (Le Pola Cafe au Village des Createurs – 19 rue Rene Leynaud in Lyon, 69001)

 The Polaroid is still the mythical camera of the American artists of the 70s: the transformative photos of Lucas Samaras, the photo collages of David Hockney and of course the prints and silkscreen creations of the inflexible Andy Warhol, including his self portraits.

 These mythical cameras are finally available and cost 50€ (without Andy Warhol, unfortunately) with the commercialized film costing 18€ for 8 pictures.



Pour visiter le salon du Marché de la Mode Vintage DIJON, réservez votre billet prévente avant le vendredi 27 septembre minuit au tarif de 4€ au lieu de 5€