The Leather Perfecto by Schott

2 May 2014


James Dean, Marlon Brando, John Travolta, Elvis Presley, The Beatles … the list of Hollywood stars and rocker legends who are/were major followers of the Perfecto jacket is endless! While this list contains mainly male names, nowadays the Perfecto jacket has become a must-have in women’s wardrobes!


Designed in 1928 by the biker enthusiast Irving Schott, the leather jacket is first a coat to protect motorcyclists in the event of an accident. Cigar in mouth, he conceived it to meet the motorcycle market expectations. Both crease and shock resistant, the leather jacket is perfect for a long ride on a Harley Davidson. A cigar lover, Irving Schott gave the leather jacket the name “perfecto” in reference to the name of his favorite cigars.


From the 1950’s movie stars to the  punk movement of the 1970’s, the Perfecto has become a sense of attitude. It’s the get up for rebels and associated with freedom.


“The perfecto is to leather as the 501 is to jeans” Gwenola Ronval, leather stylist at Schott. While, it has even been revisited by big designer names in haute couture, the original perfecto remains THE jacket you must absolutely have in your closet !


During your next visit at the Marché de la Mode Vintage, make sure you get covered in leather!


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