Blue Jeans by Levi’s

2 May 2014

Blue Jeans by Levi’s

“In this life I have only one regret: that I did not invent jeans” Yves saint Laurent.


While the internationally renowed French fashion designer would have liked to be the creator of these timeless jeans, we actually owe it to the German, Levi Strauss for creating them.


The denim fabric has revolutionized our wardrobe and our lifestyle, from social evolution to the cow-boy shown in many cult television shows. The jeans have gone through the toughest of times without looking a day older.


Levi’s blue jeans are a must-have at the Marché de la Mode Vintage, an absolute must! At certain expositor’s booths, you will find the iconic blue jeans worn by Marlon Brando, during the 1950’s, while at others you will notice the flower jeans of the Hippie years. There are jeans to match many different tastes.


If you recognize the leather patch representing two horses trying to tear apart a pair of jeans, do not wait another second, those are Levi’s blue jeans!!

Estimated Sales Price: between 30-50€

Pour visiter le salon du Marché de la Mode Vintage DIJON, réservez votre billet prévente avant le vendredi 27 septembre minuit au tarif de 4€ au lieu de 5€