9 May 2014


Launched in 1959, Barbie has been a household name ever since. Based on the adult German doll Bild Lilli, Barbie came to “life” when Ruth Handler saw the restrictions of the paper doll her daughter continually played with. Produced by her company Mattel Inc. Barbie shot to stardom overnight.


No matter how many years past she was never viewed as just a doll, but as a “person”. The diversity of her career spanned all professional domains which clearly helped her have multiple houses, cars, animals, and of course lots of clothes. However, none of this mattered in comparison to the relationship she had with Ken. The hope that one day he would just commit and marry her. Unfortunately, our hopes were shattered on Valentine’s Day 2004. It was the end of an era, until 2011…


In addition, no life is ever complete without the love from friends. Theresa and Midge, along with her big family including Kelly and Skipper have always been there when Barbie needed them.


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