Authentic Vintage

2 May 2014


The March 1st, 2014 edition of the magazine M du Monde discusses the contrast of vintage success and the search for authenticity, against the neo-retro editions of certain brands who are inspired by vintage trends.


“Le bel avenir du rétro” (The beautiful future of retro) is the title of the periodic article in M du Monde, “the past has never had this much popularity” and clearly shows the trends which are capable of being touched by many different sectors, from the jeweler’s to leather goods via clothing.


This fashion refers to “giving substance, depth, and value to the know-how of a brand, and giving back its legitimacy on a given site”


Drawing from this revival of retro, the brands are creating a neo-retro market. In this way, they integrate innovation and tradition with products both old and modern, or even refurbishing their classics. We then witness the reappearances of mythical pieces, but also a range of renewed and pinned products focused on past creations.


But if this return to the original is interesting, Le Monde claims that “these consequences are even more so, because henceforth, the search of the original doesn’t seem to fascinate even the collectors who long ago rummaged through their neighborhood secondhand stores, but more so a population who lack real products with a strong additional value, both sentimental as much as financial.


Vintage, beyond the trends, still holds the desire to own original pieces, more so than the simple nostalgia, or the authentic, anti-capitalist mind in search of objects with a unique value.


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