Archie Comics

9 May 2014



While most people assume that comic books focus on the life of a superhero, this is not entirely true. In fact, one of the most famous comic books’ centers on a group of teenagers in the city of Riverdale. If you guessed good ‘ol Archie Andrews and his friends, you are spot on.  

The best part of this comic is how relatable each character is. Whether it is cute, simple Betty; rich, stylish Veronica; food-obsessed Jughead; football playing Moose; or indecisive Archie  – we all have a favorite.

This vintage comic was introduced in 1941 and now, 75 years later, I am still finding copies in stores. While I stopped reading them in the late 90’s, my curiosity has never stopped me from taking the time to skim through an Archie comic while at the grocery store.

However, the question that will always swirl around my mind is, did Archie choose Betty or Veronica?

Maybe it’s time we head back up into the attic and unpack our memories of the gang.


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